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Fresh Perspectives

Congratulations to Nasiba and Thomas Hartland-Mackie for being named the 2017 chairs of TWO x TWO for Art & AIDS:

Broadway Kids

Dallas is lucky to have such great arts programming for kids:

Moving Like Jagger

Always a pleasure to write about dance:

Spanish Modern Masters

This exhibition at the Meadows Museum is a must-see revelation!:

Art @ the Academy

The Jesuit Museum is truly a gem in the city:

The Right Angles

Read about Resource Center’s ambitious art program in The Right Angles:

In Living Color

Another stunning private Dallas collection:

Of Monumental Proportion

Enjoyed recapping the Best of Museum Exhibitions for this issue of Patron:

Rites of Spring

Rebecca Warren has a new installation at the Dallas Museum of Art!

Come Together

It was as much a pleasure to work on this Chagall exhibition at the University of Dallas as it was to write about it.

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